Sunday, August 26, 2012

AZ #4

I was going to post yesterday but since we drove through the night and I didn't get home till 7:30am, yesterday was pretty much as wash. So I thought I would about the last couple days and then blog about today tomorrow. Ca va?

Our last day in Tucson we decided to go on a mini hike up the little mountain (I believe it is called Mount Lemon, but I could just be making that up.) We saw the city from that vantage point, we saw succulents, creeks, dung beetles, trees and ants battling it out. Beautiful would be an understatement. We also went out to eat at a local burger place, and had a game night on campus.

I'm posting these pictures from my new computer and I don't have any editing programs on here yet so they will be single pictures sans words or putting two together or a grid or circles or whatnot. Pure unadulterated photography. 

Last Tucson lunch

Amazing burger

View of the city

The creek

These cacti are so large I could hollow it and live in it

I love the contrast between the delicate flower and rough thorns

Last view across the street from our house
I got to watch this little lady while in AZ

Last view of campus


Jori said...

These are incredible.

ps Arizona always reminds me of when we were driving back from California and you and I took drowsy Dramamine and were trying to sleep with an unrivaled level of desperation, and death-staring anyone who so much as dared to think of unintentionally thwarting us. Even though I think that part was when we were way past Arizona.

bowlcutsandchippedteeth said...

Hahaha I know! I kept thinking of when we stopped in Arizona and we exclaimed before getting out of the car that we loved dry heat in comparison to our humid heat. Then we got out of the car and freaked out because it was so unbelievably hot. haha