Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sugar & Dirt

I tried to post yesterday but due to the internets being completely stupid  technical difficulties , I was unable to talk to you. I missed you. Anyways,  a couple days ago, which would be Sunday, was a day of sweets and gardening. On the way to church (where I got spiritually-falcon-punched-in-the-adam's-apple as the Farrems and I like to call it) we stopped for donuts. Now we didn't go to DH Co. or anything but it wasn't terrible. Went to church. Following the service we went to Bru's Wiffle, where I proceeded to eat chocolate waffles smothered in maple syrup.

Joy and I then said our goodbyes to Farrems as she had to go to work. As we were winding down from a rather busy day, I was thinking of how I could spruce up our front porch area since it looks pretty janky. So we went to our local hardware store and bought 2 box planters ( I wanted wood ones but they were ultra expensive and the wooden ones that were more affordable weren't deep enough and would only allow really small plants to grow in them. So we went with the faux terra-cotta boxes and instead of filling them with mini-trees we went with jasmine plants. 

This one I bought and the other identical one, Joy bought, so we got to name our own plants.
From left to right the names of my three jasmine plants are: Sebastian Lewis, Black Bertha, and Tina.

Whilst working on the planters I ran into this lovely spider, I call her lovely in fear that she will come and find me and kill me in my sleep since she is still at large, (while I should have been getting her far away from us, [and when I say far away from us, I mean kill her but I feel that sounds inhumane] I was busy trying to get a picture of her and now she still lives in the windowsill of my neighbor's house).

When Farrems got off work, she came over and we busted open my new Candy Cookbook, and we decided to make Fleur de Sel caramel candy. (Best idea ever!)

It goes without saying, that I have consumed an inordinate amount of caramels for the last couple days, and in fact I am fighting off the urge to eat some as we speak. I'm hoping to make chocolates infused with different flavors next (like jasmine tea, chipotle, ginger, rose, lavender, citrus, etc.) 

Though I could talk more and ramble on I'm going to go finish up some design work and send them out. 

PS I still don't have the editing programs on my computer, which explains the no-frills photos. 

PPS I have plans of making fig-honey-feta-tartines this weekend! n___n

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