Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Arizona #1

Started our roadtrip off right with donuts from Miss Donuts.

Our journey from Los Angeles to Tucson began at 11:30 this morning. There are five of us in total, and we are going to Tucson to help promote Chi Alpha on the campus of A of U for the week.

It is quite honestly a very beautiful drive, hot but beautiful.

There was no altering to the color of any of these photos. Beautiful.

We made a couple stops on the way. One at a gas station that had pretty slim "pickin's" and the other at a rather robust gas station full of attractions. For example the claw game with more incentives than just the usual plush animal.

We also stopped for dinner at a place called Long Wong's, where they sell hot-wings and rice dishes. It was a gamble and definitely an experience.

This is their awesome table cloth up close. Love it.

When we got back on the road we drove through something that is referred to as a "haboob" (ok, take a moment and get all the inappropriate chuckles out), a haboob (again allow time for more chuckles) is defined as a violent thick dust and/or sand storm. What was strange was that while the sandstorm was going on it was also raining (perhaps this is normal, but I've never experienced a legit sandstorm like this before). We could hardly see what was ahead and actually pulled over for a moment. 

These pictures do not do justice to what it actually looked like.


Jori said...

I just wanted to say Really nice use of circles, here. Especially after starting with donuts.

bowlcutsandchippedteeth said...

I questioned, whether the circles would be too much especially with the donuts. Thanks for the reassurance. haha