Monday, April 9, 2012


I had to work on Easter, and when I got home I was exhausted because it was surprisingly busy. Basically Easter didn't seem too too different than any other work day. Other then the fact that it meant my Lent fast was over and I could wear makeup and the fact that I wore a cross necklace which was my only way I could really dress up for such a day.

One thing did happen Easter morning when I arrived at work is shamefully majestic and I really hope I don't sound like the double-rainbow-guy (you know what I'm talking about) so please don't judge me. I had just counted down the money in my drawer and was completely prepped for customers to come in when I looked across the street (two walls of my workplace are made of glass, we have great natural light by the way) and I noticed something odd was happening to a tree. The wind wasn't blowing but the branches were moving vigorously and some of them laterally. I strained my eyes to see what was going on, since the tree was across the street. I then realized that the "branches" were in fact large wings. Lime green wings, wings of several wild parrots, were flapping all over the place. I could see about 3 of them, all of them green with red patches on their faces.

I then told my boss, who acted as if the entire situation was very passe since he has seen it almost every morning. He then proceeded to tell me that there was normally a huge group of them and they squack at you as you walk by. I then focused on the tree more and saw several more. Crows were trying to run them off which is why they suddenly had started to stir up in the tree. Around thirty of them then took off in flight and lunged forward towards the sky in one swarm.

I have never seen anything like it. Sure, I've seen parrots and exotic animals before, but always in captivity and in cages. I've seen beautiful Blue Jays, Cardinals, Kansas's state Meadowlark which has striking yellow and black feathers , among other birds of brilliant hues. There was just something about the size, the vibrant colors, the number of them and their freedom that took me by surprise. I was utterly awestruck and completely elated. Even now when I recall the incident, I can't help but feel a warmth in my chest.

I wouldn't call myself a birdwatcher by any means, but I have driven by several times since with camera in hand in hopes that I will see them again soon.

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jori said...

I have literally been checking your blog for a Part II with the photo. And I hope, even if you don't have your camera on hand, you get to see it again.