Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Shallow Post

I know I talked about makeup on my last post but I am going to talk about hair for a second here. A few months ago I cut my hair the shortest I have ever cut it before. I was told it matched my face shape real well, which I agree with but I keep seeing pictures and interviews with Adele, and her hair makes me miss my long hair.

See what I mean?

Though I wasn't entirely convinced I wanted to grow it out again. So I asked a couple friends I was with at the moment (one of which loves long hair and the other loves short hair) and in unison they replied that I should grow my hair out. Growing hair out from this length can be tricky ricky... a lot of awkward stages. So I have looked up a few looks that I like and I feel can work with some of the in between stages.

One issue I see coming up in the near future is the hair at the nape of my neck. It is growing much faster then the hair on the top. I could cut that off and try and wait for the rest of my hair to grow out. Like this style (though I worry I would need wavy or more corse hair for this).

Or I could use Katie Holmes as an example in how she transitioned from short short to semi short hair...cutting it in the back till the rest caught up.

to get to this style again...

Or I can grow out in a mullet-like fashion and try and work with it. Now, please hear me out and please don't swear me off as a friend for mentioning it, but I was looking at some Tegan and Sara pictures and I feel like their hair texture is similar to mine and I might be able to carry some of the style.

I like the way this style frames the face too... though not a fan of the wavy hair at the bottom. O__o

Which is kind of like Anna's style from D16

I realize this is very far from Adele's hair (and its not like my hair will even ever be able to look like Adele's) but it would help in keeping the length in the back while I wait for the rest of my hair to catch up. And I would also style it more femininely than what's above.

I am open for suggestions. Regardless of what I do, I foresee a lot of bobby pins and hats.

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Jori said...

This is literally the third time I have had to type this comment. Blogger Comments and I are not getting along lately, though to be fair, the first two times were on an iPod.

1. I old-fashionedly rely on Safari Top Sites to tell me when you've updated. But it wasn't working, so your newest posts were hidden, and I randomly found them. It was glorious, like finding forgotten money in pants during hard times.

2. I have long been jealous of Door Sixteen's asymmetrical hair, but unconvinced to ever, ever attempt it myself.

3. I like your idea of trying new styles during the potentially awkward phases (not that the in-between phases would even look awkward on you). It seems like the perfect opportunity.