Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Life = Bananas

Aside from Week Zero and Week One happenings (will talk more in depth on on my other blog) I have been able to squeeze in a few other things.

Like finding a wonderful bike lady who only has one bike left in her inventory since she is going on a bike-selling-sabbatical. Evidently it is teal (my fave color), is a simple fat cruiser (what I was looking for), has a basket (also what I was looking for) and should fit my height as well as my budget. Oh and she mentioned it has fur accents... I didn't really know what that meant, I thought possible cheetah print decals. Well she sent me the following photos of said lovely bike and I have been enlightened. She said the fur is easily removable. Though I like it and it adds a little "spunk," I think I will remove some of it because it might be a bit much for my taste. Like leave the bar and seat and remove all the rest or maybe remove all but the basket. Not sure just yet.

In addition to campus antics and finding a bike I have also been learning the ways of a latte-art-making-barista. Some days are better than others.

This was my first attempt to a fern with any remote visible resemblance. (Compared to the amazing work of my Sansei Harry) (And yes, I recognize that it looks like a drunken 5 year old made mine.)

This was my first attempt to a heart (Sidenote: After making this I wasn't exactly sure how I did it)

And then I made this design that Harry and I have dubbed "The Spade" which is kind of a hybrid of the heart and the fern.

I also found time to visit an art gallery called Giant Robot yesterday with the afore mentioned Harry and coworker Brittany. I am posting one of my fave pieces below.

PS Note to self: Heavy LA smog does not equate to UVA/UVB protection.

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