Thursday, September 29, 2011

Today is National Coffee Day

Let me start off with a side note,it turns out that I may not be getting the bicycle I mentioned yesterday. Turns out the back rim will cost a lot more than expected. Pewp. Though I have been checking Craigslist and Chubby's Cruisers.

Onto the real reason for this post. Lately I have noticed weird trends in my vernacular, some of which can be traced to specific circumstances and trends of those around me. Other trends though have come completely out of left field (which I believe is a baseball term that means "out of nowhere"). I have been known to abbrev words before, whatev... nothing new, though these new additions have been more and more prevelant.

Current linguistic "trends" which I have been practicing:

- I have created my own suffix "-ems" and add it to a plethora of words and sometimes even names, which doesn't change the meaning of the word whatsoever. Also it must be spoken in a nasally almost whiny voice that is almost reminiscent of a South Park character of some sort.

Ex. vanilla-> vanillems
Ex. hungry-> hungrems
Ex. beautiful-> beautifems
Ex. Harry-> Harrems

-Saying the word "bananas" or "crae crae" (also spelled cra'y cra'y or cray cray and is pronounced: kray kray) in lieu of the words "wild" or "crazy"

Ex. Your wig is crae crae!
Ex. That Mad Men sode was bananas!

- I have been dropping the last letter of the word "random" to be "rando" (pronounced ran-dough)

Ex. This is completely rando but I really like marshmallows.

-I switch out the word jealous with "jelly"

Ex. I am so jelly of your cassettes.

Am I proud of the evolution of my vocabulary? Not in the slightest, but it is what it is and I try not to squelch the natural flow of speech. (Namely because it seems like a lot of work to thwart such things and I just don't have the patience nor the energy to spend on it.) I tell you all of this so that you can progressively know what I am talking about because sooner or later I will be abbreving words so much and adding so many things to them that I fear they will have no resemblance to actual English language and no one will be able to follow the noises coming from me that were once considered a language.

PS I spent a lot more time today working at the coffee bar instead of the register and was able to work on latte-art. I am not really consistent just yet... one design will look fairly decent and the next looks like a chia-pet instead of a fern. Naturally I only took pictures of the ones I liked... so just imagine that these were made back to back and that I didn't epically fail several times in between.

(Note: These were taken with my phone, hence the poor picture quality)


Whitney said...

ooo ooo I have a good linguistic variation for you...

bee tee dubs.

can you guess what it means?

b t w.

ingenious, isn't it?

no, i didn't come up with it myself, i'm stealing.....

bowlcutsandchippedteeth said...

Haha I have used that one myself! Haha but I haven't spelled it out that way before. That's great. Hahaha