Friday, August 26, 2011

Ramblings... you've been warned

I feel really shallow when I think this, but sometimes I wish I could just start over with my wardrobe. Just clear everything out (with the exception of a few items... namely keep things that others have bought me) and have all the money restored to me of what I had spent on said wardrobe and then I could start over. The sad part is, my taste in personal fashion has not changed at all and I would most likely spend the money on comparable items. I wasn't planning on telling you this, but it just occurred to me as I was scanning through facebook pictures of myself and realized I am not a fan of a lot of my clothes.

Instead I was going to talk about something entirely different and was going to share pictures of my terrarium, my new curtains and my visit with my mom and sister but evidently I can't seem to find my camera cord anywhere which means I have no pictures to share and am slightly in a panic. Where do you get new cord like that? I am assuming Best Buy or Radio Shack. I would go to Micro Center but alas I don't think they have them here in LA. In fact I am not even sure they have Radio Shack here... is Radio Shack even around still? (This reminds me of the times when you can't remember if an old actor is still alive or not and you have to pull out IMDb.)

Anyways, I thought I would tell you that I finished my training at L'Epicerie Market this week and I will be on my fourth day of employment tomorrow. I am really really enjoying working there and am nerdily excited about learning how to execute latte art. In addition to this I have been doing a lot of design work as of late and have been listening to a fair share of podcasts. I think I am losing grip of reality and who are and who are not in fact my friends and that the people speaking on the podcast don't actually know me so I should stop referring to them as people I know. Though you have to admit that bit about Steven Segal and a box full of ponytails is pretty hilarious.

Well now that I have sufficiently wasted not only my time but yours as well in rambling, I will bid you adieu until I can come up with some sort of a cord to my camera.

PS I love that Don Draper listens to Sklarbro Country and at the same time it freaks me out that two areas of my life have overlapped. Its like when I find out two separate friends of mine know each other somehow from somewhere else. If I wanted to make this post go full circle, I would tell you that a Sklarbro Country tee shirt would be my first addition to my new wardrobe if I were starting over... but I won't tell you that I want that shirt because that seems like I am fishing for someone to buy it for me. (Its found on under 'store', I wear a small.)

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jori said...

I was going to comment a link about this news story I heard about improving your wardrobe by getting rid of at least 75% of it. But I couldn't remember where or when I heard it. And I only caught the teaser for it, so I don't know what they were actually saying...
So this comment is essentially useless. But I, also, wish it was possible to Undo some clothing purchases. Namely... most that I have made.