Sunday, December 12, 2010

Home Improvement

Lately I feel like life has been transformed into the set of “Home Improvement,” well sans the “hilarious” calamities, mini mullets, and oversized plaid work shirts.

It sounds like the beginning of one of those dumb blonde jokes that I have heard oh so many of. How many blondes does it take to screw in a lightbulb? How many blondes does it take to bake chocolate chip cookies? How many friends does it take to paint a guest house? The answer: a lot. Luckily I have a lot of friends. I will now take the time to thank all of my wonderful wonderful friends that helped in some fashion or form with Jessica's guest house (that I will be moving into). Shout out to: Adam, Angela, Bryan, Clint Curtis, Dave, Kimi, Jessica (of course), Joy, Mitch, and Sara. Man, I don't even think I can count all the things people have done and contributed to the cause.

The house isn't finished, there is still a lot to do. New carpeting will be installed tomorrow, the kitchen floor still needs to be installed, furniture will be moved in, light fixtures, curtains, etc. Though there is already a night and day difference from when we first came in to what it has become. The living room, middle room, bedroom and bathroom all were painted top to bottom pink. Wood work, walls, doors, doorknobs, light switches, windowsills, window glass, were pink pink pink pink pink. I will show you some before and after shots. Though I worry that it is too premature to show them to you now, perhaps it would be best to share once everything is completely finished? I don't know, I am too excited. Just act shocked when you see the before and after shots later on too. Okay?

(Note: That is hunter green carpet with pink walls and yes, that was a dolphin shower curtain in the bathroom)

PS Since it has been a while since I last posted I would like to mention that I visited Chinatown for the first time (well, Chinatown in California that is) and bought two pairs of shoes on ultra sale at my friend's place of work, Keep, the vegan shoe store. I bought them a size smaller than I would normally wear because they were five dollars cheaper. I am okay with turnicate shoes as long as they are more affordable. (I will take pictures of said shoes later).

PPS Tomorrow morning I will be boarding a plane and traveling to Kansas to be with my family for the holidays. Yay! These are just a few things I hope do while in Kansas, catch up with family and friends, see the Christmas Carol at KC Rep, do some support raising, workout at Matt Ross, possible rock wall climbing at Emerald City, go to: QuikTrip, Lulu's Thai Noodles, Homers, Half Priced Books, and Caribou Coffee. Am I forgetting anything?

PPPS Tempatures are supposed to be somewhere in the 80's today in SoCal. Word on the street is, KC is -3 with windchill and has several inches of snow. I am up for a rude awakening.

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