Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Time in the City

I would like to start off by saying that I am in need of nothing right now. I have had a few of you ask me what I want for Christmas and honestly it was kind of difficult to come up with actual gift ideas. The best gift I could receive would actually be monthly support to my missions at UCLA or financial support towards my missions in Haiti (coming up in June). If that is not something you want to do I would also like to mention a few organizations that could use your support as well and you could donate to them instead of buying me anything and I would be just as happy. Dusty Feet Ministries ( a ministry committed to holistically rehabilitating persons affected by human trafficking in Nairobi, Kenya- run by a friend of mine), or Project Rescue ( a ministry who reaches out to women who are trafficked throughout Nepal and India), or Africa Oasis Project (an organization that digs wells throughout western Africa to bring fresh water to surrounding communities- run by a couple friends of mine). For those of you who are dead-set on buying me gifts to unwrap, here are a few things I came up with. I will be happy with anything really, knowing you thought of me is just as wonderful.

My Christmas shopping is almost completely finished. I tried to get it done earlier this time, knowing I was going to be without a car here in Kansas and that it would be too cold to walk anywhere. I even wrapped them all before I arrived. The problem with having them bought and wrapped already is that I get too excited and want everyone to open them already. In fact I have already given someone their gift while here in Kansas.

Sometimes I get too excited for my own good. When painting I get too excited and want to instantly rip off all the tape to see the finished product. When working on the guest house I wanted to immediately unpack everything to see how it would look. Sometimes I want to cross things off of my to do list before it is completed because I like seeing things crossed off and finished. I think I need a good dose of patience. Is that wrap-able?


Jori said...

Do you know that one song Christmas in Kansas City? I personally find it mildly irritating, just because they rhyme city with pretty, which in that instance seems cheap, but I have nothing downright against it.
That said, every time I see your blog title, that song gets stuck in my head. It's been playing nonstop since I first saw this post. Brightside? It replaced the Little Drummer Boy, which had been there on and off since like, Thanksgiving.
On a different note, I thoroughly enjoy your personal gift guides. Nods to charities and all.

Jori said...

I just realized that that comment seems insulting to your blog title, and I just wanted to add that the problem it presents is entirely my fault.

bowlcutsandchippedteeth said...

I am quite disappointed with our only Christmas song devoted to Kansas City. It sounds so... I don't know, frilly? I can see the connection between the title and the song though, sadly.

I feel selfish and self serving by having my list up. But when I ask others what they want and they say they don't want anything all that means is that I will be shopping in the dark for them and it is more stressful as a shopper/gift giver. So when people have been asking me I am able to divert them to my blog and it is all wrapped up and easy for them.

By the way your comment isn't insulting, just sad.