Friday, November 19, 2010

Sorry about that

It has been almost a month, I know I am a derelict post updater as of late and for that I am very sorry. I just feel like I don't have anything of real interest to share and in addition to that I have been intimidated by other bloggers recently. Why would I be intimidated you ask? Maybe because I am surrounded with hard core comedic genius on every side, for instance here and here, or perhaps because other people have cool drawings, designs and amazing food recipes and don't get me started on their witty jargon.

That being said, I really don't have much to talk about...I mean I could talk about the last Glee sode that featured Gwenyth Paltrow but that would be the second Glee post in a row and even I recognize that as lame. I could talk about the temperature being in the 70's during the day and then dropping to 55 at night but that would be an exact replica of one of the blogs I read just with different temperatures. I could talk about books I have read lately but decided to save that for later on when talking about New Year's resolutions. I could talk about my getting my first LA hair cut but my hair looks almost exactly like it did previous to getting it cut and since I experimented with a round brush yesterday it looks like I have a puffy mushroom head. I could talk about the secret Narnia hills I found and have been hiking on every morning but as I mentioned they are, shoot, were secret. I could talk about my Chi Alpha goings ons but have designated that to my becomingabruin blog only. I could tell you how I bought two pairs of jeans and two tops when Old Navy had a thing going on where you take an additional 50% off of all marked down clothes and you could add on their extra 30% off coupon from online but that would just be cruel because it ended yesterday.

See I've got nothing. Well, at least I updated.


Jori said...

I think you have proven your extreme, top-shelf golden HILARITY by even considering mentioning my blog in the same sentence as Hyperbole and a Half

bowlcutsandchippedteeth said...

Shut your mouth, you know you are at the same level if not above hyperbole and half!