Friday, October 22, 2010

Conspiracy Theory

Now I am not one to jump on to every conspiracy theory bandwagon. Sure Idaho may not exist because no one has really met someone from Idaho, maybe we didn't land on the moon and that footage was made up and perhaps the Lockness Monster really does inhabit that body of water in Scotland, but I am not going to go rally somewhere, create some gift shop with pamphlets and make my own website or anything.

Though I do find it suspicious that Glee's last episode has yet to make it to Hulu or Fox's website. It supposedly "aired" on Tuesday but I couldn't find it (I am completely inept at finding certain tv shows, even with a guide I have to watch Glee on the internet for that exact reason. I know Bravo, Lifetime [don't judge, just for Project Runway], TLC [sometimes I watch their medical anomaly shows, ie The Half Ton Man, etc.] and Food Network). Regardless I really question whether or not it ever really was on television and therefore is not on the internet. Now I may be completely out of the loop and there is an actual reason for this, it wouldn't be the first time I was missing out on something common knowledge ( Did you know there was an oil spill off the coast of Louisiana not too long ago? Okay, maybe I did know about it but how long did it take me to realize it was an underwater pipe that was continuously gushing out oil instead of just an oil rig seeping oil? Its too embarrassing to share, let's just say I couldn't figure out why they were trying to make a cap and why there were continuous updates about it.) Now I do know that Fox is having some hubub with the east coast with some major cable company and whatnot, but I currently reside in Los Angeles which is on the opposite side of the United States. What is the deal here people?!

This blog is a bit self deprecating and leaves me feeling kind of dumb and shallow, what with my lack of knowledge of current events, my evident love of Glee and other tv networks and my inability to find general tv broadcasts on television. So now I am going to go busy myself with something that will counterbalance this post like read a book while my stew is cooking. We will be expecting several international students in our home tonight for the Harvest Party. Maybe I can brush up on foreign affairs beforehand ( I just said that to sound smart, probably won't)

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Jori said...

No. I kind of share your pain.
Though instead of suspecting conspiracy I typically channel it as anger at the local stations for not valuing the same shows I do.
This last week they had some political debate playing over the ONLY show I watch on TV and I got so flustered and confused at what I considered an actual outrage, but could find no outlet for my fury and was baffled at the lack of rioting/uprising/etc.
Evidently my shows are very important to me, which is kind of unsettling.