Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shaun of the Living

Sometimes I wish burkas or something equally covering were socially acceptable things to wear if you chose to wear one. Disclaimer: Let's be clear now, I am not saying I would ever ever like to live under any regime or be forced to wear one. I realize there are several political and religious implications and in no way am I wishing to dabble in any of that. Nor am I condoning the oppression of women's rights. I also understand that I do have the freedom to wear one right now if I wanted to, I just wish it would be socially acceptable amongst those close to me.

I am just saying it would be helpful on days when your face is completely broken out (especially if it is freakishly broken out on one side of your face like Batman's Two Face), or on days when you don't necessarily feel "trim" or when you don't know what to wear or on days when all of the above applies (ahem... today). You could just throw it on and it would solve all of the afore mentioned problems. Easy fix. At that rate you wouldn't need to shower immediately after waking up (even though I like showers and can't imagine ever willingly skipping it, but hey it gives you the option). You would save money on makeup. I am not sure how you could eat while wearing one but I could figure out a way.

I realized this earlier this morning while I was walking across the street to move my car from a spot that had a time limit. I was wearing my sleeping shirt, a pair of jeans with slip on shoes, no makeup on my broken out face (that's a lie, I had residual eye makeup from the previous day smeared under my eyes I'm sure) and my hair disheveled. Basically if you added a little blood to the corners of my mouth I would look like a cast from Shaun of The Dead. I walked all the way down to the cross walk because I didn't want to get in trouble for jaywalking. I didn't mind the walking bit but it was walking around so many people that I was dreading. So that was when I came to the previous conclusion that that is my only hope in moments like that. Judge me if you will but that is the only logical conclusion I could come up with. If you have any other suggestions, please, I am all ears (or eyes if you comment here).

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