Monday, August 23, 2010


It's a bird! Its a plane! Its my blog today!

The above picture can be found on the Heading East blog (over on the right), I believe it is a picture of his sons playing around. I like it because it reminds me of my childhood when Nae and I would dress up as super heros. My gma Marrineau actually made a spandex mask and shoe coverings with wings on them to look like the Flash. Though I think the above picture is of them being Luchadors, I am not sure.

It seems like this week had several (well maybe not several, but more than normal) super hero references. Starting with NPR's This American Life episode on Superpowers . Initially I thought the podcast was going to be about the world powers like China, Europe as a whole and America...etc. No, it was actually about people who believe or really really wish they had superpowers.

Then I follow that up with watching Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World with Nae and my Dad. I love how they used typography in several shots and how they used video game music and visual affects. It is kind of reminiscent of Kung Fu Hustle with the fight scenes. Also it reminds me a bit of Persepolis but mainly because they are both based off of graphic novels. I found the movie to be very funny at certain parts. Though it is PG-13 for a reason, you have been warned.

All of this has brought me to think about which powers I have and what normal things I lack. I have realized that I have an uncanny sense of face-recognition. It is almost creepy. Actually it is. I even told one person where I recognized them from once and they haven't talked to me since. I will change certain details just so that if they do read this, they won't be further disturbed, though this little disclaimer kind of negates changing the details. I saw a person at an art show and asked them if they were a doctor. They said yes and that they have troubles remembering all the patients they have seen in all of their past and were apologizing that they didn't remember me. I reassured them it was okay because I in fact wasn't ever a patient of theirs but rather saw them in passing in a building where I saw them wearing their lab coat once. I didn't realize it was creepy until after I said it. That no, in fact I don't know you I just saw you once with a lab coat on a few years ago. Last night as we were going to Scott Pilgrim, I noticed the person taking our tickets was at a dinner I went to a year ago. Sometimes I try and not recognize people as they reintroduce themselves because I don't want to weird them out.

Things I lack: the ability to understand how to play any instrument. The concept escapes me. Last night when I was visiting friends and eating BLTs (mmmm) we watched Crossroads on CMT with John Mayer and Keith Urban and then followed that with a special on Steve Vai. At which point my friend, James takes out his guitar and starts playing like it was nothing. He then proceeds to explain key scales, he might as well of been speaking in a foreign language as far as I am concerned.

Also music related, the other day when I was going through all my unmarked cds I found mix cds I made that I used to listen to all the time yet I couldn't remember certain songs at all. Not as in I didn't know the words, it was far beyond that, I couldn't even place ever hearing some of them before. Granted I probably put some music on mix cds I never really listened to, I just put them on there so that I could seem cool or something, but for real you would think I would at least recognize it.

Well I could actually go on for hours of which normal tasks and abilities I lack, so I will spare you and just let you know I think I may be a savant only instead of cool things like playing any song by ear or drawing full city scapes after just briefly looking at a skyline, I can recognize faces.

PS Here is what my room looks like currently with our garage sale in tow.

Also I jarred my spices yesterday, and yes I did make a mess.

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