Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I thought I would just mention that I was all about the peaches today. I had several forms of them, canned, jarred, baked, jammed and artificial. I had homemade peach jam on toast for breakfast, made warm peach dumplings with cold ice cream for dessert at lunch time, had peach tea from Quicktrip and finished the day with having peach jam in my oatmeal. Mmmm. So good. I wish I had photos to share but this morning was a little hectic and I wasn't thinking about taking pictures at the time.

Speaking about Quiktrip drinks, since we had the 49 cent 32 oz drinks all summer I saved all my cups and I have been collecting other people's cups. Now I have a set of 14 or so and I plan on taking them with me to California so I have some cups I am not worried about messing up. And I found out today that you can put the cups, lids and straws in the dishwasher with no problem (though I don't believe I will have a dishwasher in LA, it is just good to know.)

PS Unless you want to be visually assaulted by inappropriate images, I do not suggest doing a google image search for "peaches." Just the plural version, evidently "peach" is safe.

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