Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Good, the bad and the delicious

This weekend had a bit of a sad beginning in that our family cat passed away rather suddenly. Isabelle was a good and gentle kitty and we will all miss her dearly.

Aside from our sad morning on Friday we started the weekend off right. We finished off our inner city VBS at Church of Hope Friday night (not including the closing party on Saturday morning). Let's not forget that during our VBS I had my first Churro (sooo good). Following the VBS I introduced my little sister (see photo below) to First Fridays. We then ended the day with Ocean's Eleven at Crown Center's Free Friday Night Flick.

As I previously mentioned, we finished off our week of VBS with an exciting closing party Saturday morning. I met and had lunch with little Eduardo, Reggie, Precious, several Isabelles, Jennifer and few other cute munchkins and their parents. Saturday night I celebrated the engagement of my bestie, Jori along with her friends and family. It would be a great travesty if I did not mention the Middle Eastern spread Jori's Mom, Emily made for us. Falafel, hummus, pita, a Lebanese chicken dish, mozzarella basil and tomato "sandwich" salads, baklava, fresh fruits and vegetables like cucumber slices, grapes and olives. So so good. We capped the night off with the Westport Half Price Books where I finally found and bought "Orbiting the Giant Hairball."

Immediately following the church service this morning I ran over to my gma and gpa's home for birthday celebrations. The birthday spread was very summer inspired with Muffaletta, Sausage-Spinach Stuffed bread, a Rolled Lavosh Sandwich, two different anti pastas and a fruit salad (all made by my gma by the way). We topped it all off with a carrot/citrus cake (hint the 4 candles represent me turning 24 and the 7 candles on the other side represent Nae turning 27).

I also had the chance to shoot my friend and her family (with a camera) out in Gardner, KS tonight (in 111 degree weather no less, we survived though).

Oh and after showing my cookbook to a few people, I have 13 preorders already. Very exciting. eeeeeeeekkmmphhhh mmmmm eeeee lalalalala (that is my giddy noises)

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