Thursday, August 5, 2010

Today's Post is Brought to You by the Number 24

The rumors you have heard are true, my cookbook is hot off the press from my brotha's place of work (well at least one is, so people can look at it to see if they want one). It's a beaut if I do say so myself. At the release of my cook book, I think of confetti falling from the skies, doves being released, cheers from every direction and my default celebratory song "It's Raining Men" being played on loud speaker and me being hoisted onto shoulders of people as we tambourine down the streets in a joyous parade. That is how excited I am.

Drum roll please...

I not only have the spiral bound cook books available, I also have the pdf version available.

Oh yeah, it is also my birthday which has pretty much been amazing thanks to my dear family, friends and coworkers. Last night at the stroke of midnight I was serenaded and then sent off to bed. Upon arriving at my workplace this morning I was overwhelmed with good wishes, cards, a banner (note the banner hanging behind me in the first picture in this post), and a smorgasbord of my favorite snacks. We gathered together as a staff and enjoyed the snacks which included: fruit pizza (basically a huge cookie covered in icing, fruit and a gelatin glaze), Quick Trip peach tea, almonds, dark chocolate, dark chocolate M&M's (minus the red ones), chocolate cookies, Rold Gold honey pretzel twists and Reeses Pieces. Almost 3 hours later we ordered Panera and ate lunch as a group again. In addition to all of this I have had numerous texts and facebook comments. I feel the love.

Later tonight I plan on watching PR, enjoying a white cake with homemade icing and possibly watching Inception again with some friends.

I am hoping to finally have my Bollywood (or Baliwood) Birthday Bash as I have promised for the past ooooh say 5 years now. So stay tuned for that.

Well I am going to go hang out and do birthday stuff, namely gaze upon my majestic cookbooks.

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Jori said...

Your cookbook looks amazing. Very, very professional. Also: jealous of your birthday spread.