Monday, July 19, 2010


10 years ago today I was in Chiang Mai, Thailand with my mom and we were introduced to my little brother at Veinping Children's Home. I can't believe he has been with us for a decade. We have truly been blessed by our little man.

(Ignore my general appearance, we were coming out of the 90's give me some slack.)

P.S. I also met my Jori shortly after coming back from Thailand, and we have been besties ever since.


Jori said...

I remember when you showed us those pictures in gym. We came up to you to introduce ourselves and then looked at your pictures.
This is crazy. It doesn't really process. Ten years is such a substantial amount of time.

bowlcutsandchippedteeth said...

It seems so long ago that I am actually surprised that I remember that. It really is crazy to think about.