Saturday, July 17, 2010

If you give a mouse a cookie

I feel like the past few days have been a parody of "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" only mine would go like this. (Sorry third person again.) If you give a Rachelle blackberries she will want to make jam. If you give a Rachelle jam she will want to make bread. If you give a Rachelle bread she will want to make butter. If you give a Rachelle butter then she will want to make a buttermilk pie using the excess buttermilk. If you give a Rachelle pie she will want to make Okie cookies out of the excess pie dough. Before you know it I will need a hair cut, markers to make a comic book and a match box to make a bed. Sheesh.

The challah bread turned out great and was made even better by the butter and jam.

I am in the process of making the buttermilk pie, it is still in the oven and I still need to make the blackberry sauce. All of which is roughly based off of this recipe. I love her photography, recipes and writing style.

Tonight I learn to barbeque as I previously mentioned in my last post, which is exciting. Also I may try to make Jack Stack's version of cheesy corn. Mmm

Oh, and about cooking. I have another cookbook dilemma that has presented itself. My brother, Jeff called me yesterday and quoted me the price for me to print and bind my cookbooks with the printing company he works with. I will still need to find out paper quality, whether the cover will be a cover stock or the same material as the content pages, if there is a minimum amount of books I need to order and turn around time. Though without that previous knowledge, he told me it would cost me $9 a book. So what I am thinking is if there is no minimum amount of books I need to order I may order 20 to be made and then make about 20 of the pdf version. Then I could sell both versions. I don't know.

Well I don't have a lot to talk about, and don't really know why I decided to blog this, it is more of a recap from last night. Sorry.

I am going to go read some of my book.



Jori said...

I just finished reading a news story about Muslims, and when I checked your blog I thought it said "If you give a mosque a cookie" with increased interest. I kept waiting for some tie-in or reference to something mosque-related. Yet another instance of my laziness in reading full words.
ALSO- I am glad you referenced the mouse's bed. I remember being very enamored with all of the miniature mouse things and especially the bed.

bowlcutsandchippedteeth said...

Haha that's funny. I am currently taking a break from reading Zeitoun and am about 10 pages away from finishing it. So when I read the word "muslim" from your comment I thought there was a tie-in with the book for some reason. haha weird.

I too was completely enamored with the miniature bed, in fact I think I even made one for no apparent reason.