Friday, July 23, 2010

Sugar Rush

I am not one to point fingers, though I do believe that VBS has put my eating habits through a loop. I have been getting to the church earlier in the morning than usual and I have been making not so smart breakfast choices. Then there is VBS snack such as jello with whipped cream and gummy worms, popcorn with butter and sugar, cupcakes or popsicles. Let's not forget eating abnormal amounts of candy on the side. In addition to all of this, VBS ends around noon and I have my normal tasks to accomplish and will put off lunch till later, muuuch later when I am famished and will eat anything and everything in sight.

Aside from VBS, it is also summer which means eating hotdogs and soda at ballgames (last night), eating Sheridan's frozen custard after church (Wednesday night) and eating baked goods your mom and sister make during the daytime since there is no school. Also let's not forget McDonald's free frappe (hate that word) coupons in the newspaper the other day and the fact that I feel bad not ordering something to go along with the free drink and end up gorging myself of cheap greasy food. (mmm, but it is so good.)

It couldn't be that bad you say? Well here is what I have eaten today: bread pudding for breakfast (mom's baked goods), a cupcake (VBS snack), Strawberry Kiwi Snapple (brought to me by a friend helping out with VBS), and half a Hersey's chocolate bar (as a thank you for helping out with VBS.) I haven't even had lunch yet. Wow, and yes, it is that bad.

Today my friend, Kathleen posted a link on her facebook that displayed the chart below. I wonder what an average day looks like and how my day today would compare.

All of this reminds me of this very disturbing advertisement I saw for soda. Viewer discretion is advised.

(The above picture is not to try to persuade anyone of anything, I just feel it applies to my overall feeling.)

But who is kidding who here? VBS is obviously not to blame for my poor eating habits but rather has enabled me to eat more poorly. I could plan ahead and make a sack lunch and have alternative snack choices for the day. There is always next week.

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