Sunday, July 25, 2010

In a Nutshell (Caution: some snapshots included)

I feel like I have been boring you lately. Well I don't know if I have ever been anything but boring on here but I feel especially boring recently. I am not sure exactly how to change this either. All I can really write about are my experiences and thoughts and generally I try to just stay on the surface level of things, nothing too deep on such a public forum. Blogging seems kind of selfish in that way, writing about my experiences all the time with no other point of view. But that is also one of the beautiful things about blogs, being able to look into a window of your friend's life or their thoughts. So all of this to say, sorry my window is boring.

My week in a nutshell.

>Monday through Friday we had Vacation Bible School (as I previously mentioned in my last posting) in the mornings.

>Thursday night I went to my first T-bones game, which is a minor league baseball team in KC if you were unaware.

> Friday night I took my little sister and a couple friends to watch Julie and Julia. It was being played outside on huge screens outside of Crown Center as one of their free friday night flicks. The weather was beautiful and there was a great breeze, kids played in the fountains and the smell of kettle corn wafted through the air where they set up little kiosks. Though we had decided to pop our own corn at home in our wok. Which was a great idea until I walked in the other room for a second and came back to find noxious smoke billowing out from under the lid, that subsequently burned our eyes and throats like crazy. At least the first batch turned out great. Other than that, we found parking alright and we found a perfect spot to lay out our blankets and pillows, it was wonderful.

>On Saturday, I woke up, made challah bread again. Celebrated my mom's best friend's 50th wedding anniversary and then followed that up with watching Dreamgirls at the Starlight theatre in the rain with my mom and cousin Cindy.

My mom bought candy and told me to put it in the back of my pants so we could sneak it in, which evidently we didn't need to do because they don't go through your bags like they used to. Bahahaha So here I am getting ready to pull twizlers from the back of my pants.

> So far today I went to church where we are doing a character study on Joseph in Sunday School, had an extension of VBS for morning service and then had a great potluck lunch afterwards. Tried to read my new book, fell asleep for a while and am now writing to you fine people. And am contemplating whether or not I will attempt to make my own soup tonight.

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