Friday, July 16, 2010


So I am attempting to make challah for the first time ever. While I was in the store I decided to grab some heavy whipping cream so I can make my own butter, and I grabbed some extra pectin to make jam. So I can have fresh bread, fresh butter and fresh jam. Mmmmm. Meanwhile there is a torrential downpour outside and constant warnings flowing from the radio. Perfect. Also I bought a book I have been wanting for some time and it was on sale, and I had an old old giftcard that paid for it in full. Beautiful.

-Time lapse of a couple hours-

Dough is still rising. Oh, and I have tons of buttermilk after making wonderful wonderful butter. Then I found a recipe for buttermilk custard pie with a blackberry sauce. Which is the most perfect combination ever. #1 Custard pie is my most favorite pie ever. #2 We have fresh buttermilk. #3 I have fresh blackberries we picked this last weekend. So clearly, perfect. Tomorrow is my mom and stepdad's anniversary so I think we will make the pie for that occasion. Oh and tomorrow night I will learn how to barbeque which is pretty exciting. mmmm

While waiting for my challah to bake, we have been playing Yahtzee and taking Photobooth pictures which have been pretty funny. I will end this post with some of those shots so I won't put any other shots on here so I am not ruining Reveal day any further.

Awww. the bread smells so good. Only 19 more minutes.

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