Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Indian Territory

I spent the weekend with a couple of my friends, Alicia (Renee) and Elisabeth in Oklahoma. We had a fun filled weekend. We visited the Cherokee museum and took a tour of a mini-village that is reminiscent of a traditional Cherokee town. They also had a powerful installation piece commemorating the Trail of Tears. A friend invited us for a night of grilling, four-wheeling (my first time) and fireworks. We spent evenings teaching Alicia's parents how to play Guitar Hero on their Wii and how to play Casino. We ate freshly picked corn and tomatoes and freshly caught fish.

Oh, and I bought myself a pair of moccasins which I love.

One of the most exciting parts of this weekend was blackberry picking. I had never gone before and couldn't figure out why Alicia was insisting that I wear sweatpants (considering that it was the hottest most humid weekend ever). Though after picking my first couple of berries it was very apparent why I was wearing sweatpants. The thorns on those bushes could replace a scalpel in an operating room they were so sharp and the cuts on my hands and ankles are living proof of that. Sheesh. Though tattered and torn we walked away victorious with loads of berries. (I looked at the price of blackberries here and it is $3 for a half pint. So I think we did pretty good)

After blackberry picking we made blackberry cobbler and blackberry jam. So so delicious.

Oh and talking about cooking, I have made a decision about my cookbook. I was having troubles finding a very affordable way to print and bind my cookbooks. I have decided to save my cookbooks in pdf form, burn them onto disks and also include a hard copy of just the typed recipes. It will be much more affordable while allowing me to add more recipes (because I have no paper and ink limitations) all while being a bit more eco friendly. I have asked several objective people to view it and give me a safe price range to which I should sell them. So far the consensus has been $15-$25. I think I will try selling them at $20. If there are a few people who don't own a computer or are not computer savvy that would like a printed form I could make an exception, though I believe this is the best way to go about it. Also it will be much quicker for me to assemble and get to people. So if you would like a cookbook from me, I would love to get one to you at the price of $20. Thanks!


Jori said...

I kind of have a story about these pictures and how I accidentally cheated on Reveal Day (kind of) but it's too long for a blog comment. I wish you could have come down while you were in Indian Territory, but it looks like it was an amazing time.
And I fully support the PDF cookbook approach, by the way.

bowlcutsandchippedteeth said...

I have really been trying not to put any pictures up for Reveal day. So I chose the first one from the Cherokee Museum because it was the least descriptive. I thought the moccasins picture was fine since I took it solely for the blog post. The berries one was nondescript and the last one I took solely for the blog post. So I am sorry if I am ruining Reveal day.

I wish you could have joined us for the weekend because I think you would enjoy everything we did.

Also thank you very much for your feedback regarding my cookbook. I am really getting excited about it again.