Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Val and I tried to hit up the Memorial Day weekend sales at the mall, but to no avail. We do have this fun photobooth photo to show for it. Neither one of us like the first picture so much.

I spent my Saturday morning at the Kansas City Market. When we returned we were so tired that we decided to take naps instead of go see the big hot air balloon ascension that night. We decided it would be better to go Sunday night instead. The only problem is that the weather turned bad the second we arrived and the canceled the launch. So our hour long drive was in vain. See below picture that was taken from the car window as we drove away. Normally I am a fan of rain, lightening and thunder, though not in this case.

Here is my Memorial day dinner. Surf and Turf, steamed vegetables, salad and rice pilaf. Love leftovers.

Oh and lastly, I have been meaning to share with you our parakeets. We had 4 parakeets. Then two got married. So now we have 7 parakeets. I am holding the three babies in this picture. They are finally getting feathers, they look very alien-like without them. I think it would be cool if when they hatched they looked exactly like full grown parakeets only smaller, but they didn't.

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Jori said...

Those last two pictures (the dinner and the birds) are so good. I've missed seeing your photography on a regular basis. This makes me miss Reveal Days terribly. Maybe it should be reinstated, if even on a smaller scale.