Tuesday, June 8, 2010

7 days

That is right...in 7 days ( I am not good at counting down, the concept is murky... do I count today, the day of, both, neither? Though since I will be headed out on Tuesday next week I think it is considered 7 days) I will be headed to Fond Doux, Haiti! I will also be reunited with my friends from LA and my friend from Vermont! I am jittery with excitement!

Things I need to do before I go.

-Finish XA UCLA tee shirt design
-Finish XA UCLA brochure
-Work on and possibly finish XA UMKC brochure
-Work on P.Bill's XA brochure
-Make this week's bulletin and work on next 2 weeks' bulletins for Kim
-Write next wave of support letters
-Meet with friends about support
-Make calls

Trip Related:
-Buy:sun block, water bottle, bug spray, shampoo/ conditioner, socks and snacks
-Finish collecting things for the children's home (hint: if you want to donate to the Royal Palm Children's Home, I need foods, medical supplies, small toys and school supplies)

Aw, I feel better now that I have that written out instead of just floating around in my brain... otherwise I might forget things.


Jori said...

I can't decide if I regret our Reveal Day decision or not... Every time I look at your blog there are yet more incredible photographs.
I guess I don't regret it because of the simple excitement for a whole new batch of images from Haiti.

bowlcutsandchippedteeth said...

Psh, I don't know what you are talking about. Plus I love your photography and am always envious at reveal day. Though the overall excitement of seeing Jori photography outweighs my jealousy.

I am going to try and find some polaroid film to take to Haiti this time. Though I don't think it is being sold anymore. So if I can get that, that should be exciting.