Wednesday, June 9, 2010

6 days

6 days until Haiti Time! Woot woot! With everything being just around the corner, some Haiti donations have been brought in to my church for me to bring. I decided to go through some of the bags today and I just smiled at some of the things that were brought. Things like shower curtain rings, a singular balloon, used color sheets... I think it is cute how people try to help out sometimes even if it isn't as conventional. Among the objects brought in, was this long women's silk scarf. It's strange or unique rather, it seems to be a "fancy" women's scarf and then on further inspection it has the funniest pattern. I scanned it in for you to see for yourself.

It reminds me of the time I was shopping at Walmart and had to wait on a prescription or something so I decided to look at their clothing section. I found a paisley shirt that I actually liked but there was something off about it but I couldn't put a finger on what it was. After looking closely I realized the paisley print had dancing Tweety Bird characters all over. It was so well integrated I almost didn't catch it. I am ashamed it almost slipped my radar. I never understood Walmart's affinity towards Betty Boop, Taz and Tweety Bird attire. Though I must admit in recent years Walmart's clothing selection has improved.

In addition to the afore mentioned donations I have received many things that will bless the Haitians and I cannot wait join them very soon.

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