Thursday, June 10, 2010

5 days

I cannot believe how fast this week is going. I have been completely swamped with things to accomplish before we head out. Time is tight, money is tight and my brain is going to give way.

Last night we had our Haiti free throw shoot off fundraiser. Priscilla and Autumn and our wonderful rebounders worked very hard! 30 minutes of constant basketball shooting. That looked rough! Though combined there were more than 300 shots made! I am so proud of them. Oh, and last night the Merrell's lent me their suitcases to take to Haiti again! So I will be able to pack tonight sometime. Woot woot!

On a different and weird note, this morning I woke up to my outer upper (tricep area) right arm hurting like there was a pinched nerve or something. It was strange though because through out the day it would feel like a sharp pain and then it would feel numb. Almost like when you hit your elbow really hard and it feels kind of numb-ish mixed with sharp pain. Well then I realized I have a red bump on the inside of the same arm by the bend of my elbow. It super hurts too and I think it has been spreading to the outer part of my elbow as the day has progressed. I think it may have been a spider bite or something. Though there is no fang marks or anything. Weird. If it gets worse I will need to get it looked by someone before taking off to Haiti.

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