Friday, June 11, 2010

4 days

I cannot believe it is just 4 more days. I started packing last night and it feels more real that I will be heading out soon. Sometimes you talk about something for so long that it doesn't really sink in until you are 3 days into the trip. In preparation for the trip I have been asking around if anyone knows of any kid's games that don't take a lot of talking or equipment. So any ideas you have would be great!

I woke up this morning and my arm looked worse than yesterday and since I am headed out of the country in just a few days I was advised by several people to go see a doctor. So I jotted in to see the doctor and she prescribed me a couple of antibiotics. I am supposed to visit on Monday to see what my culture (same spelling? not sure.) results are.

Tomorrow morning Dentistry from the Heart is offering free dental work. If you remember, I tried getting work done at their last event and never ended up seeing anyone. After waiting in line for hours, receiving a number, waiting in my frigid car for hours, I rechecked my status to see how soon my number would be called, left ate lunch and watched Avatar came back and I was still a hundred people behind and wouldn't be fit in. So this time I plan on getting there at 5:00AM. Needless to say I need to go to bed early tonight. Though the thought of drills and needles makes me anxious. ugh.

PS Whenever I make spaghetti I can't help but eat some of it raw, which is always a stupid move because it sticks in my teeth like a Butterfinger. Then I have to keep testing it to catch it when it is perfectly al dente. It is kind of like testing for when your coffee is the perfect temperature and you keep burning yourself. Its like a paradox.

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