Saturday, June 12, 2010

3 days

Bon Soir! I am trying to brush up on my French before I head off. I really wish I could take language courses in French again. What I really wish is that I could put a computer chip in the back of my brain and download all the world's languages. Tout bon! Though since that is impossible (or just not available to me) then I must hit the books.

I feel as if I have accomplished so much today. I have been up for 12 hours officially and it is only 4pm. Needless to say I did make it to the dentist office where they were having the Dentist from the Heart free clinic event. I had a tooth worked on. Even though needles and drills were involved I didn't have hardly any pain. There was a DJ at this event, plus all sorts of snacks, prizes and free tee shirts. It was great, I was saving money, saving a tooth and getting free things. All and all it was completely worth sacrificing a few hours of sleep on a Saturday morning.

I finished reading my book today. I worked on the XA brochure. I watched the USA vs. England World Cup battle with a group of my friends. Pretty much I am exhausted. Not like I have accomplished a million things or anything, I think it is mainly because I woke up so early and have been nonstop since. I still need to finish making support letters so my mom can send them while I am gone.

Au revior!

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