Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Synopsis

When arriving back home to Kansas, the air was so humid it was like drinking a cup of water with every breath. Sheesh. Evidently it has rained 6 inches in the last week. As you may already know I have been in Los Angeles for the past 12 days. It was going to be 8 then 9 and finally 12 days it was.

Here is a rundown of things I did while in LA:

Day 1: Barbecue- with volleyball, botchy ball, ultimate frisbee and tons of people. Later that night I was introduced to Yogurtland, which is pretty much amazing.

Day 2: Had Greek food and dessert with Winston, Jessica and Sara. I took the Jessica Tour of UCLA campus, which is gorgeous by the way. Then Jessica and I went to Santa Monica for shopping aka H&M and to go to the Pier. (I saw the actor from Princess Diaries which is one step closer to knowing Robert Schwartzman which is a step closer to Jason Schwartzman. Then we can get married and Sophia Coppola will be my cousin. Perfect. Oh and I saw Tanisha Harper, my second favorite model from Project Runway season six [I had to look her name up, don't think I am that ridiculous!]) Oh, and I saw a real live seal in the water! Then follow all of that with Yogurtland round 2.

Day 3: Went thrifting and laundering (her dryer needs to be set up) with Jessica. Then went to Encounter Group, which is a Bible Study with a group of amazing ladies. Oh and it was Jen's birthday so we had Susie cakes. mmm...good. Then Elisha treated me to Thai Food and we finished everything off with Boba tea, while she showed me a map of LA and brought light to some confusion. I finished off the day with baking Lemon Bars from scratch.

Day 4-6: Leadership Retreat in Orange County where we laid out the rest of the year, had awesome times of worship, vision casting, ultimate Frisbee and hang out time. Oh and wonderful homemade Chinese food.

Day 6 (cont'd): On our way back we had Olive Garden and everyone was pretty much done for the day. But for me that was only the beginning. Since one of the lady's I was staying with was mysteriously missing her belly ring we needed to go out asap. First stop- Starbucks for last day of Happy Hour drinks. Second stop- the mall where we bought the body jewelry needed, tried on shoes (I love this pair of Christian Sirano shoes though have no reason to buy them...hmph), went to Bath and Body works and slid under the gate on our stomachs to exit the store that is after dousing Sara's hair in fabric spray. Third stop- Blockbuster where we rented the worst non-"uplifting romance" and non- "poninantly humored" movie ever.

Day 7: Toured Fox studios and stood outside of the very building where they shoot House. I also saw a signed poster from all the Glee cast, so basically I am BFF with all of them and we braided each others' hair and talked about boys. I also ate one of the best Caprese sandwhiches of my life at Moe's Diner, thanks Tim. After the tour I was supposed to go rock wall climbing but it was under construction so we just walked around the gym and decided to go out for Diddy Riese. Then followed that up with a powerful prayer meeting and went out for dinner. Ended the day with the hot tub.

Day 8: Had kind of a relaxed morning but changed my flight for Saturday. Went to Borders books. Experienced my first Element service, which was superb! Then watched a hilarious game of Settlers of Cataan unfold.

Day 9: Had a relaxed morning, went shopping with Kimi and Kaiya, found my dress for the banquet. Had sushi and finished the day with a movie at Winston's.

Day 10: Had a relaxed morning. Went to campus and played ultimate frisbee (as in I actually played!) Ate at the dorms (spectacular food which was all Greek style) (though it was a bit too premature for me to eat after such high activity but I recouped quickly). Ended the day with setting up for the after party.

Day 11-12: Set up at the banquet site. Dressed and prepared ourselves for the the banquet. Had the Final Banquet. Followed the banquet with an intense after party full of comedy, games, wii, board games, snacks, etc etc. Left the party at 4 AM arrived at LAX at 4:15AM and headed back to Kansas.

This is not everything I did while in LA obviously but they are the bigger things I did. If anyone from Chi Alpha reads this, Thanks for a great time!

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