Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The last time I got sleep

So much to share... but where to begin? This is where mind melding would really come in handy.

I am not really feeling deep or witty at the time. No thoughts on anything, no funny anecdotes, nothing thought provoking (as if I normally have any of that). So I feel like this is more of a current event update or something.

As of late I have felt like I have had no time to really rest or sleep. If I do have time to myself I feel I must fill it with all the many responsibilities and things that lie ahead. I am a "work before play" type of person, so it is sort of impossible for me to feel completely relaxed until I get everything possible accomplished. If a teacher plans a test the day you get back from a break, for me there will be no break. Like a proverbial black cloud following me around until it is finished. So that being said, I have not put a lot of time into my blog lately and even feel quasi-anxious right now, knowing I have work to be done.

Though so I do not get too behind in my blogging I will share some pictures of recent life happenings.

Retreat 2010:
We played ultimate frisbee after it rained. (Note: I love Bryan's mud abs)

Frankie was covered.

This was the stage design I made for this year.

And we tie dyed our team flag.

I cooked these past few weeks...

Chicken and Shrimp Supreme

Bailey's Irish Cream Bunt Cake

Broccoli Au Gratin

Stuffed Pork Tenderloin

Pão De Queijo (Brasilian Cheese Bread)

I also took senior pictures
Here is just a little sneak preview, though none have been edited yet.




I also had my 5K/10K, though unfortunately my camera had trapped moisture in it and wasn't working. (I was completely freaking out and am completely heart broken that I couldn't shoot my own event, though I had Ana take pictures for me and she saved the day). The race went well and I am happy with the turn out. My computer is working well now that it is dried out as well (obviously since several of the photos shown above were taken after the race.)

I am trying to get my cook book finished and created by the end of this week before my trip to LA. Which was unintentionally good timing because Mother's Day is this Sunday. So stay tuned!

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Jori said...

Even without editing (which your photographs don't even need), and without any sleep, and with cursed camera conditions... You still turned up with incredible images. As usual.