Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sunny Days Ahead

The weather has been turning around and I am LOVING it. I have realized that this year in particular that my mood has strongly been affected by the weather. When it was cold, dismal and bleak for so long I had been kind of unknowingly predisposed to gloominess and being tired. Whereas now with the weather warming up I feel more energetic, optimistic, more creative and outgoing. I've actually been motivated to run outside (though am not going to push it since I am still trying to get over this stupid infection). I hope that it isn't really nice for a whole week and then it gets really cold again or something. I really wasn't going anywhere with this, it is merely an excited observation on my hopes of good weather.

Last night I cooked with my grandma Hamilton again. We made Raspberry Vinegar, Bacon Roll-Ups and Tamale Pie. Here are some glimpses of what we made.

For the cook book, I am thinking of a title change because Mondays with Grandma and Other Days with Other People reminds me a bit of Tuesdays with Morrie and it also tends to make my other friends and family feel less important. So any title suggestions would be great.

I am excited for today. Hopefully I can cook with my mom, see Alice in Wonderland, hang out with the Howard gang and whatever else my heart desires. Though I keep getting this strange feeling I am forgetting some large responsibility. I hate that feeling.

P.S. Williams-Sonoma is doing free cooking classes through the month of March and I am stoked!

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