Wednesday, March 3, 2010


#1 I think I should have been on antibiotics weeks ago. I am already feeling exponentially better and I have only been on Amoxicillin since Monday night.

#2 I really like The Bowerbirds, their music is kind of ethereal+whimsical+folkish. Also I just like bowerbirds in general.

#3 I am trying to organize a 5K for a Haiti missions fundraiser. It will be on Mayday but since Haitians speak French and French Creole we are calling it a M'aidez Run which is French for "help me" or "aid me" but is pronounced as Mayday. I am working on the posters and the tee shirt designs today and don't know what angle to go from. I thought since the Haitian national animal is a rooster I could have a rooster wearing running shoes or something. I have no idea. So I am currently looking for inspiration on the web and following the path of least resistance by writing this short blog post.

#4 I think I will be having lunch with my dad today, which is exciting.

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