Saturday, March 20, 2010


This past week has brought illness, cold weather (first day of Spring and it is snowing?!) house/dog sitting and amazing food.

Evidently I have no immune system. I had had a sinus infection and then strep throat and now a cold. I think having a cold is more annoying than painful. One nostril is fine and the other is either helplessly running or stuffed up, you can't breathe at night, you sneeze at the most inopportune times and your mind just becomes a complete fog. Though (fingers crossed) I feel I am getting better!

As I mentioned earlier it is snowing today. Normally I would be irritated that the first day of my most favorite season is uncharacteristically cold and snowy but currently I am actually kind of happy. Mainly due to the fact that my family's hot tub is fixed and up and running (which would have been very nice this past winter but the pipes were frozen and the repairmen could do nothing.)

This is the view from my room window earlier.

My mom made corned beef and cabbage in lieu of St. Patrick's Day, it was delicious. I wasn't able to take photos of the full process or the final product but here is the beautiful cabbage being chopped.

I also had my favorite Irish Pot Roast from O'Neill's on our Post St. Patrick's Day Celebration. The pot roast is served on mashed potatoes and garnished with cooked celery and carrots. I also didn't take any photos of the pot roast but that was because I was cameraless at the moment.

I have been house sitting this weekend as well which has been nice because Choco and Lucy are hilarious and I don't have DVR at my house. I literally recorded about 5 episodes of House earlier. Talking about House, I wasn't planning on blogging tonight until I watched an episode of House titled "Private Life" with the girl from That 70's Show who was a blogger who needed a new heart valve.

I should blog either tomorrow or soon following because my friend and I will be adding to the cook book tomorrow. So stay tuned!

I will leave you with this photo booth picture I took of Autumn and SARS.

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