Friday, March 26, 2010


My head hurts. My head hurts for several reasons but namely because I was just dropping a towel down the laundry shoot when a vaporizer-machine-thing that must have been teetering on the top shelf of the closet came plunging down and crashed into the back of my head as I was leaning over. Now I just feel stupid in addition to the pain.

Aside from the physical pain my brain is feeling I have also been under much mental strain. For any other person this kind of strain would be nothing but a cough or a light sneeze but for me it is causing my brain to hemorrhage.

Today's Check list:

1. Print out weekly bulletins before folding people come
2. Work on 5K/10K race registration, posters, handouts and research the possibilities of registering online. Also make sure treasurer cut check for Johnson County Parks and Recreation or no race at all. Also look into getting sponsors for refreshments the day of the race.
3. After changing Passover Dinner from just being a young adults event to an all church event, look into catering or the possibilities of making all the food yourself (if that is the case look up easy kosher Jewish menu, get kitchen helpers!, determine when to buy all of the ingredients, and evaluate cost.) Also make sure they announce the new changes on Sunday during service and make a sign-up table for the foyer. Oh, and don't forget to order lamb shanks from McGonigel's.
4. Paint the rest of the stage design before next Tuesday night
5. Don't forget to go to the bathroom
6. Work on Retreat handouts and posters to correspond with the laniards, tee shirts, stage design and brochures.
7. Attempt writing support letters for your upcoming internship to UCLA Chi Alpha.
8. Take Mylanta for upset stomach
9. Make 25 copies of Passover Music for Rabbi Feldman
10. Find a band to play at the Gardener, KS Summer Kick off (this one is a favor for a family member)

Plus I need to continue working on my cook book (which I love so it isn't exactly adding to my brain strain) but am having issues with some of the layout design because I need to figure out the written word part of it. I am including screen shots of variations of one of the pages (which you can click on to make larger) so I can get your suggestions.

First option I thought of is kind of an overlay with a cutout. Though I have some issues with this one because it cuts out part of the picture of the finished product (especially if it is a longer recipe).

Or there is the putting everything underneath the finished product. This one I am not a fan of because it just looks a little wonky and proportionately off.

The last one I have here is where the recipe is the focal point and the finished product picture is kind of offset and is just a small glimpse of how mine turned out. I might have to tweek this one to really like it.

What I really wish I could do is have the full size final product picture on the left and have the grid of steps on the right and then have the recipe on vellum paper in the middle of the two pages so you could kind of see through it while still having it as a focal point and not take away from the pictures. Then you run into issues of cost and whether it will be able to withstand a lot of wear and tear. Though to help with cost I could cut it vertically in half so I could have a half sheet for each recipe. I don't know.

I am going to end with two screen shots of the 2 Kenyan dishes I made the other day. I told you I would show you what we made. It was so so delicious.

P.S. Bad news, I found out from an oral surgeon this past week that it will cost me $1722 to get my wisdom teeth extracted. Though I have heard the Community College in Fort Scott will do it for much less. Road trip!


Jori said...

I know I've told you before, but your cookbook looks so good. The food and the design. I would pay top dollar to be a proud owner of such a masterpiece. I hope you can figure out a way to use the vellum paper, because that seems like it will give the most respect to your images and existing design, both of which I find to be strong.
Sorry about the headache/wisdom teeth issues though.

Billy said...

UMKC has the same type gig as Fort Scott CC. Often there might be a bit of a wait though.

Cool cookbook btw. I like the first one the best.