Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I've been sick. It started out as just a sinus infection of sorts about a month ago or something, (I don't really know, I have no concept of time.) It was at least 3 weeks ago. Well I have been battling it off and on but chose to take nothing for it and just let my body fight whatever it was off. (I find the human body is much more equipped and resilient to fight illness than we give it credit, we just have to live through the pain. Which makes me think of a podcast about placebos, which is another post all together.) Now I do drink more water, eat more nutrient rich foods, sleep more, eat less sugar and refrain from working out when I am sick, but generally speaking I don't load up on medications. I had been feeling much better for the past week and a half (still no concept of time, it could actually range from an hour to a year), though I still had tons of drainage I was dealing with. Sorry for that tid bit of information.

Starting Thursday I felt as if I couldn't get enough sleep. I woke up feeling exhausted and felt the same all the way through Sunday. When I told someone this on Sunday they asked if I was coming down with something. I attributed it to my prolonged sinus infection stuff. Upon waking up on Monday morning, I realized my throat was sore. I slept for most of the day (luckily Mondays are my days off, though sadly I didn't get to cook with Gma this week) then I woke up because my mom wanted to have lunch with me. I rolled out of bed had lunch ( Note: I had some great sushi which tends to be my food of choice when I don't feel good because it is fairly light) and then under Mom's advice saw the doctor. The doctor gave me an antibiotic, so hopefully I will be up and running soon. I am completely sore all over and my neck has limited mobility.

Oh and did I mention that our internet has been down since Friday? Ha, being sick+not having internet= cabin fever. Which makes me feel sad that I am such a tool for the internet. Though last night was great I ate jello to my hearts content and watched Bride Wars with my little sister, Hannah. (She likes anything with a bride or princess involved, why haven't I introduced her to The Princess Bride? What is wrong with me?)

I have been looking at pricing for cook books and also frames for an art show I would like to put on soon. It all seems very exciting and stressful at the same time. Oh and I was told that until my cook book comes out that I shouldn't be putting my recipes on my blog anymore though I should share some of the photos still. I don't know how I feel about this for few reasons...1. not that many people read my blog 2. if someone is going to buy my cook book it isn't because they can't get the recipes else where but rather because they want to support me 3. I just think it is fun. But until someone gives me feedback I guess I will only give preview pictures of food unless that recipe won't show up in my cook book.

So here is a preview of the Greek Spinach Pie.

I would write more but I think I am going to go eat some jello and lie down.

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