Monday, March 29, 2010

Baked in a Skillet

I thought that once I really started getting comfortable with cooking that my everyday meals (not just meals for special occasions) would become more extravagant or unique or at least well rounded. Though alas this has not come true, well not yet anyways. I still eat bowls of cereal and pop tarts for breakfast, I still hastily assemble pb & j's (I can't write pb and j, I have to use the ampersand for some reason) and cheese quesadillas for lunch and then warm up something for dinner.

I guess I am just getting ahead of myself. I have been comparing myself to the masters... take for instance my grandma. I will go over to my grandma's for lunch and she will slice an avocado and splay it out like a fan next to her croissant and tuna sandwich and then maybe break out some kettle chips or something and then make whipped cream from heavy whipping cream and make a quick strawberry short cake and not even bat an eye. It would be nothing for my mom to create some dumplings from scratch, steam some jasmine rice and finish it off with sweet and sour pork.

My shortcoming of daily culinary creativity is in part due to my lack of experience and also my lack in cash flow. Perhaps if I had a full time job I would be able to afford the ingredients necessary for such extravagance or maybe not. I am still cheap regardless of my cash flow. If I had the choice of buying a dozen apples for the price of three avocados (even if I really didn't want the apples and I was craving the avocados), I am more likely to go for the apples regardless of how much money I have.

This past weekend I made Raw Apple Cake. Don't ask me why it is Raw Apple Cake because I don't know. It was my great-grandma's recipe that I guess my family made in the pioneer days. It is baked in a skillet. I of course burned myself on the handle of the skillet (this is my second burn in the past two weeks with the same skillet, it has it out for me).

I had just taken off the oven mitt and then as I was laying the mitt down I was burned for a half second. At least it was real quick because the burn on my hand from the previous week hurt much more and was larger ( I don't think I have quick reflexes, perhaps it takes my neurons a while to send information like "you are burning" to my brain and then back to my arm to get it to move).

Here are my pictures for the cake. Evidently I have become lazy and I don't feel like typing out the recipe right now. If you want the recipe I can give it to you, or you can buy my cook book later on when I am finished with it.

You flip the pan over and then cut it into slices, serve it hot with ice cream. I think it would be even better with warm carmel drizzled on top.

That is all I have for now. I am going to either go to Kaplan's to see if they have a button close to the button that has fallen off a jacket that was given to me. Though if Kaplan's is closed I may just take a walk. It is a wonderful 72 degrees outside. Then glorious Homers with Jori.

I am still in search of an affordable place to have my wisdom teeth extracted. I did check out UMKC's dental school and it is going to be $200 a tooth and the waiting list is going to take some time.

Oh and I am still trying to decide on which layout to use for my cook book but I am still leaning on the first option (featured in my last post) because I think vellum is too expensive. grr.

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