Monday, March 15, 2010

Colonel Custard in the Library with the Saab

This weekend has been great. I filed my taxes with a friend this weekend, and I am actually going to get a little something back which was unexpected. In addition to that I bought my friend's Saab for an amazing price.

Here she is. I am not used to doing automobile photography of any sort so this is mainly just to show you in general what she looks like. Josh, one of my friends who sold it to me, and I named her the other day and for the life of me I can't think of it. I know it started with a "Ph" and was from Greek mythology (to go along with Poseidon, my camera and Remus and Romulus my photography lights.) I am just getting to know her and don't know where everything is yet or how to work things. The ignition and all the window and lock controls are in the center panel which I love. I need to get insurance and fill out the title and all of that still but hopefully I will have that all figured out this week. I am pretty much stoked to say the least.

Also in addition to my wonderful Saab and tax return that will hopefully be coming soon, I found this chair in someone's trash earlier. I thought it would look great in my someday house way off in the future. I am pretty sure it is pleather and it is a bit lumpy when you sit down but I like the shape of it and it is petit.

My grandparents and family are all headed off to South Carolina (I wish I were going...hmph) so I wasn't able to have cooking class with Gma today but I made my all time favorite pie today with my momma.

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Jori said...

Your new car is incredibly enviable. She's a beaut.
Also, I wouldn't be worried if you're not a seasoned car photographer, because when I think of automobile photography, I think of one of several things, none of them particularly desirable.
For examples
-Car magazines with scantily clad women draped over the car
-Craigslist (I don't know why)
So, be comforted. While you may not be an "automobile photographer" you are one of the finest photographers who happens to take documentary pictures of cars in a very decent and respectable way.