Saturday, February 20, 2010

Today's Happenings

I decided to tell you about my day... and in attempts to make it less boring for you I have included pictures.

I spent hours today waiting in line outside a Dentist office because they were holding a free clinic for the uninsured. I am uninsured, I have a cavity and I need my wisdom teeth pulled. I received a number after a couple hours in line. Then I waited outside for a while, and checked on what number they were on. There were 113 people ahead of me. So I went and sat in my car to thaw out (because it was FREEZING and snowing). Then after 2 hours worth of Suduko playing I checked the pace again and I still had 100 people ahead of me. I did the math and at the rate they were moving, I would be worked on around 5pm so I decided to drive around and then I would come back later and check the progress.

Apparently at AMC the matinee prices end at noon, Cinemark on the other hand has the matinee prices until 6pm...what a rip off. Also because AMC has the ForkandScreen (which is normally $15) they have a smaller selection of regular movies. So my many many movie choices for the matinee price of $5 was the Tooth Fairy, ha. So I saw Avatar 3D for $9. I had been wanting to see it anyways and it was at a cheaper price (I guess because of it being 3D it like doubles in price or something and they didn't have the option of seeing it without 3D). I liked it but I didn't think it was as glorious as people were making it out to be. (Not like I could do better, or even equal for that matter).

Since Avatar is such a long movie I thought I would need to rush back to the dental clinic. Though upon arriving 3+ hours later there were still 57 people ahead of me. So I drove around for a late lunch. Normally I am not a big fan of Taco Bell, but while I was in New York I tried out a concoction of my own. I like their chicken quesadillas but I was thinking that it would be good to have it in the thick chalupa tortilla instead of the thin flour tortilla. (Though I have found out if you ask for a quesadilla with a different tortilla they will refuse, but if you ask for a chalupa but all you want in it is chicken, shredded cheese and the quesadilla sauce they will do it no problem. Semantics.)

I returned to the dental clinic stood in a line for another hour or so and then they came out and told us they were only taking another 3 people in. Since my number was 143 and they were still on number 89, there was no way I was going to be seen.

I then drove back home bummed around and watched House for a couple hours. I don't change my schedule to accommodate House but when I do happen upon it, I am obsessed. Love it.

Then the family and I went out to Cupini's, which was delecatable! I ordered Manicotti and had a side of spicy mozzarella. Then to finish it off I had the ever so wonderful Passion Fruit Mousse Cake. (I am copying the link to their website that features some press they received from the Food Network).

I plan on finishing my day with watching a movie with Nae. We have been watching a lot of movies together especially since he will be moving to Florida this week. We've watched Sherlock Holmes, Tombstone, No Country for Old Men, Thank You for Smoking, Fast Food Nation and Sunset Boulevard. We will watch either There Will be Blood or Momento tonight.

P.S. Yesterday I was in the mood for pizza and I had an idea to make my own mini pizza. So I took a roll of crescent roll dough and pieced it together across the bottom of a pie pan and put it in the oven for 10 min. Since I didn't realize we were out of marinara sauce I made my own with tomato paste and diced tomato and tons of spices and garlic and sugar. Then I topped it with chunks of soft mozzarella cheese and parmesan. Oh and I put pepperoni on half of it. It turned out really well. It is a genuine pizza pie. ha

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