Monday, November 10, 2008


Many things have happened since I last posted, some of great importance and some not so much though fun none the less. So I thought I would give a quick run down.
1. I did in fact put all my books in order of color, which I quite like even still.
2. I went camping with several friends and we had fun taking photographs

3. I was in our church's safe Halloween alternative play. I was a narrator.
4. I dressed up as Twiggy for a Costume Dance party hosted by Queen's Club.
5. Barrack Obama was elected our new president.
6. I went to Wichita Kansas a weekend for a youth convention. While there I saw a guy with the word Kansas tattooed on his forearm and Wichita tattooed on the other forearm. I wish I took his picture.
7. I finished reading Hard Times


Whitney said...

aaaaaand your amazing friend started a blog herself.


however, it fails to reflect as much awesomeness as yours does.

and you still have yet to visit my church.

and i miss you. :)

Nathamilton said...
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