Thursday, January 1, 2009

resolutions resolved

I have been meaning to update for some time now. I have even thought of exact posts to write, but I was either too busy or too lazy to actually do it. Remind me later to possibly write about jazz and jelly donuts or things I learned from salsa.

On a different note, my resolutions are usually very relaxed and not so rigid. I feel that inflexible goals and rules are hard to meet. My goals are usually generalized and allow room for growth, change and unexpected circumstances.

That being said, I had a loose goal of reading 2 books per month. I read 21 books in total this year. Which I consider a success and will try to do better this year. I will do another post perhaps based on this year's goals. I would include them now, but to tell you the truth...I haven't thought of them yet.

Books I read in 2008 (cover photos brought to you by

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