Monday, October 20, 2008

hmm decisions

This is what my bedroom currently looks like. (well actually it is kind of messy right now, but ideally this is what my room looks like)

My books are too jumbled and I have troubles taking them off the shelf without everything falling down. I have also started new piles on my desk and things to make them more accessible. (though my desk is a drafting desk and I would like to be able to put it at a slant and cannot do so with so many things on it.) Also my golden sofa has been on the decline ever since I got it (I found it on someone's curb and the sign said something about them having it for 15 years and that it was free) Though I love the old golden girl, she sags in the center and I don't think I can really have her for much longer.

All of that being said, I have been looking for some time at bookcases. I would like to have some shelves with square compartments but it seems that they are much too expensive. My mom found these bookcases of varying heights that I could put side to side. I just have so many ideas for them I have troubles trying to narrow my focus on what I want. The Ikea Billy system looks perfect (not necessarily for my room but hopefully someday for my living room or something.)

I also always love the idea of arranging my books by color coordination. Though I have a system I go by already so I can find book by catagory and sometimes by author. Also I don't so much like the idea of seperating sets of books like my C.S. Lewis adult trilogy or my Madeliene L'Engle books. I don't know.

WORD OF THE DAY: exhausted

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