Monday, August 18, 2008

beatuy of ordinary days

I have been ultra productive today. I have Mondays off from work and I usually sleep in till super late and feel as if I have wasted an entire day. So this morning I woke up a bit earlier, had a smoothie for breakfast and read "What is the What" (I am taking forever to read this book and am determined to finish within the next couple days. Luckily I really like the book.) I then did laundry and can't wait to go to bed tonight because my sheets smell of fresh fabric softner and bleach. I then made errands to homers (to buy gift cards) then I went to half priced books and bought "thank you" cards and then I made my way to Old Navy where I found a black pencil skirt for a steal and found a pair of jeans that miracuously fit perfect (which hardly EVER happens). Since my errands I filled out several of my thank you cards until my hands started to hurt and then decided to go take pictures of some of our pets. Oh and I made new friends along the way. The beauty of it all is that the day is not over yet.

Oh and by the way, the concert was a complete sucess. I normally become anxious when it comes to hosting parties or get togethers of any sort. I literally take breaks by walking into other rooms to soothe my nerves...don't ask me why. I guess I just want everyone to be happy and am afraid of people being let down or worse yet having a confrontation go down. The funny thing is, I put on a concert where nearly 200 people were present and I did not even break a sweat. I was calm and had an overwhelming peace the entire time. There were a couple challenges but I looked at them as such and took them by storm. I feel that this is the beginning of a new era in my life.

Side note before I forget...books I want to read in this order when I finish "What is the What":
Everything Must Change
The New Penguin History of the World
They Shall Know Our Velocity (I bought this today at half priced books)

This is Hank, our black lab out on the deck.

This is Molly, our bassette hound on our deck.

This is SARS again on my bed.

WORD OF THE DAY: incandescent

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