Tuesday, August 19, 2008

the beginnings of a horticulturalist

Hannah has developed an interest in seeds recently. Whether it be from avocados, peaches, corn...etc. she wants to plant them. I caught her picking corn kernels out of the already popped popcorn bag the other day. I asked her what she was doing and she told me that she was going to make corn. I told her that I in fact had some corn kernels in which farmers actually use. She was elated to find out that I had such gems and went immediately out to plant them. We started getting little leaves popping up but Caleb didn't know what they were and dug them up. stink.

Hannah and I were kind of upset with the fact that he tore out our corn so willy nilly. Though today brought a new agricultural opportunity. I decided I wanted to reshoot for a page of our church magazine about our responsibility as Christians to being stewards of the earth. I had decided to go cliche and have my mom hold a handful of dirt and a plant of some sort in the palms of her hands. We had noticed that several maple trees had taken root near our walkway and we needed to clear them out and plant them elsewhere. As I was shooting photos, Hannah came out and asked what we were doing. Thus began our new endeavor in finding new homes for our baby trees. We explained how our large maple tree was the mom and how she made all the baby trees. We found one oak tree though and couldn't figure out where its mom was. I think it was from across the street and that a squirel must have planted a seed or something. Not quite sure.

Here is the article's photo and title.

My mom shoveling.

Hannah holding the oak tree as we were digging.

Planting. (we were taking some of the plant food out of an old flower pot)

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