Saturday, July 5, 2008

generally speaking

I have really enjoyed reading other people's blogs and would love to truly maintain my own, though I am kind of a boring person to begin with and it is also hard to write things to an audience when you know in fact that there is no audience. I go. heh.

1. yesterday was Independence normally I would go to Corporate Woods for a huge production. Instead I wasn't feeling that great or ambitious and I just wanted to sit back and watch the country club fireworks from the school parking lot with my family. It wasn't a huge production but it was beautiful none the less.

2.I have had the opportunity to read a lot more recently and thought I would update my 2008 Reading list.

The Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime
Dragon Bones
The Organic God
Serve God Save the Planet
The Ragamuffin Gospel

Currently Reading:
A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius

Next Up:
The Red Tent

3. We recently have unofficially added someone to the family...a small orange striped kitten. I named it SARS (Sugar Applesauce Rum Suckers) but no one wanted to call it that. It has been named several different names by everyone else such as: Valentino, Milo (yet another name I came up with that no one else likes), Emily and Peaches. (I will post a picture of her soon)

4. A while back I tried to post some of my recent favorite photographs that I shot in the Philippines, in Chicago and here. Though I was unable to do so because I have issues with posting photos here. I am going to try once more.

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