Friday, July 4, 2008

kindergarten revelations

Recently I have decided that I really love my life and everyone in it. There was not one single thing that made me realize it, rather it was an accumulation of several little things that just illuminated this fact for me. I love creating (whether I am good at it or not is another thing entirely, but i enjoy it none the less.)I have been making a magazine (sort of, more of an informative multi-page hand out with a magazine feel.) Though it is not a major publication or anything, I have thourughly enjoyed myself. I even find myself dreaming of ideas.

Speaking of dreams though, a few years back in 2003 I had a dream that I was on the missions field holding a camera and my friend was holding a collection of paper (notepad? tablet? what have you) and she was writing and I was shooting for the purpose of a magazine. Now at the time I was a poor excuse of a photographer (I say this as if I have gotten any better, but truth be told I have a long way to go in my skills before I can say I have "arrived".) On top of that, I really hadn't tried to make any real designs that would even look like it would be in a magazine. All I can tell you is that it felt perfect, I felt peace.

Since then my photographic and designing skills have gotten a little better and I could see myself going along the tracks of my dream. The strange thing is that I haven't really been trying to fulfill my dream, in fact I had all but forgotten it all together. Until one day I was looking for a quote I had printed and placed in my prayer journal and just so happened to pass by the part where I discussed the dream. I had a jump in my heart as the desire to create in that fashion for that purpose rose inside of me again.

I am putting the pdf version of the "magazine" on here, but don't judge, I realize it is not something you would see at your local conveince store nor your cvs but I have enjoyed making it for our church and am currently printing them to be handed out on Sunday.

okay I tried to download the pdf. to no avail. darn.

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