Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A pitiful sight

I am quite the pitiful sight today...well more than usual. I was starting off my day just as I normally do, nothing out of the ordinary. I was riding my bicycle to work as usual. At the end of our street there is an intersecting street that has been under construction for several weeks now. It used to be one of my favorite streets to ride on because it has a nice hill and was a very smooth ride. Now it has like 5 layers of concrete cut out and was filled in with gravel until they do whatever they are going to do. As I was riding down said hill I needed to shift my extremely heavy messenger bag towards my back because it was uncomfortably resting on my collarbone. As I dramatically shifted the weight of my bag, I also hit the gravel just right.

Needless to say I was not as agile as normal and my cat-like reflexes must have been gone. I slid to the left and my leg was trapped under my bicycle for a split second or so. I had caught myself mostly except for my leg. My jeans(that I actually liked) now have a hole in them, my sunglasses were hanging off my nose and were sitting diagonally on my face. Since I was wearing sandals my foot is all scrapped up (I had gotten a pedicure this past week because my mom wanted to treat me) so of coarse my nail is all jacked too.

I then jumped on my bicycle to continue to work but realized that the break on my back wheel was messed up and was not allowing my back wheel to move at all. I had to turn back around and dragged my bicycle all the way home. My mom and step dad fixed my wheel though. Now I just look like a doofus.

On top of that, there is another strange happening today. I was doing the laundry and I heard SARS (our cat, that I previously mentioned) meowing, but I was unable to find her and thought she was in our basement elsewhere. I guess my mom heard her crying and told my sister to go find out what was bothering the cat. Then I heard Autumn yelling from the laundry room that the cat was stuck in the washing machine which was currently going with a full load of laundry. I ran down there and she was stuck between the wall of the washing machine and the barrel of the washing machine. Luckily we were able to release her from the machine without incident.

Today has definitely been interesting and somewhat painful.

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