Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Living Space

I told you a long time ago that I would take pictures of my house and show you my humble abode but I haven't done so yet because I wanted to have everything in place beforehand. But if I wait till then, you will never see my place. So here you go. The work-in-progress home of Rachelle and Frances.

Our apartment is a junior apartment which is a cross between a studio and one room. So we have a "room" that has half walls and no door that open our room into the living room. But it works for us. So in my pictures I am not going to focus on our designated sleeping "room".

Living Room:
Taken a while ago.

Taken just about 5 minutes ago. 
We had plans of putting the books on a bookshelf but haven't gotten anything yet and in order to unpack my books finally from the boxes that were sitting next to the couch for forever I put them on the built-in ledge thing. We want to put like three large pillows next to the couch for extra seating. We like that the wall is curved like the back of my couch is curved, so it was perfect to put the couch there. Also want to put up sheer curtains there.

Note the faux fireplace. 

I won that side table in a white elephant gift exchange party. I was using the stack of books as a side table.

My workspace. And part of our bed room... you can see what I mean when I say it is a half wall with our beds in the room. 

My inspiration board, that reminds me of some of the peoples I love. 

We have great natural lighting in our house because of the windows. I also love our high ceilings and the fact that our artificial light is diffused lighting.

My roomies workspace and our other large window on the other side of our living room. Probably will not be adding sheer curtains to these windows though. 

"Hall" Closets:
We each have our own large closet and then we have another storage closet that you can't see in this photo. This also leads to the bathroom, which I won't really feature because its not that exciting.  
The look into the living room and part of the kitchen. 


Our fridge is considered a European sized fridge and holds only a handful of items. Disregard the unmopped floors.  Also we want to add a 2-person dining table in the kitchen, because as it stands we either sit at our desks and eat or sit on the couch. 

Note that the cabinets above the sink are actually so high that the bottom of the cabinet is above my head. I can't reach the top shelf and until I get a step ladder I actually have to stand on the counter to grab things from that shelf. The top shelf on the right has nothing on it for that reason. 

Our counter space is a little cluttered but I use all the items shown. Also I love my cobalt blue/white color combo. 

I guess our spice shelf area used to be a fold-down ironing board.

Outside View:

If you look out the window with the wooden blinds, this is what you would see.
It looks great, but the pool is pretty cold haha.

That is our neighbor's door, our front door is to the left of the photo. I hope to put a chair and side table or a little bench under our window.

Well there you have it folks. Will share if anything exciting changes. Hope you have a peaceful and happy day.



trish said...

It looks comfy cozy! I love it! I just wish it was in Kansas!

jori said...

I love so much about this space! Seriously. The curved/diagonal walls and the NATURAL LIGHT and the floors... More importantly I love what you've done with it (i.e. your style in general). Beautiful, beautiful.

Jackey Arriaga said...

I love your place!! It looks amazing! :]

Rachelle Hamilton said...

Trish/Mom: I wish my house was like Howel's Moving Castle, then I could be everywhere. :)

Jori: I know, this space is too perf for me. Love it.

Jackey: Thanks gurrl!