Saturday, November 9, 2013

Thankful: DFTH

I really am more thankful than I let on haha. I just haven't been able to express my thankfulness on here as frequently as I would like. Regardless, today I would like to mention my gratitude for Dentistry From the Heart, an organization that offers free dental care to anyone who comes early enough to their events. Jen and I decided to go to one of their events in Murrieta today to see what they could do for us. We woke up at 4am started out at 4:30am and arrived in Murrieta around 6am. Upon arrival there wasn't a very long line. It was also frigid and I am so so happy I have an emergency blanket in the trunk of my car. Though the line wasn't that long, one of the dentists that was going to donate their skills and time couldn't come, so it took much longer than expected. I was hoping they could help me with my broken tooth, but evidently it needs a crown, which is one thing they don't offer. Instead I had one of my bottom wisdom teeth removed (note that for whatever reason, they are both in an horizontal position.)
Note my nose ring haha.
If I were to get the same tooth extracted from any normal oral surgeon location, it would cost anywhere around $600-$800. My tooth was not only sideways, but the roots were curved at 90 degree angles and were hooked around my "feeling" nerve. The surgeon warned me that it could easily damage my nerve and I could potentially lose feeling in my jaw. After skillfully removing my tooth the surgeon called all the doctors and nurses to come look at my nerves that were exposed but perfectly intact. Wonderful care, state of the art technology, massage dental chair, and free to boot. I am too too blessed.

If you are looking for dental care though don't have the money for the procedure, you might want to look into Dentistry From the Heart. I did end up waiting from 6am to 3pm to be seen but it was worth it.

Now I am going to go ice my face and medicate myself. My face isn't too swollen just yet which is good, though I am afraid of what it will look like when I wake up.



Jason Mitchell said...

That's so cool you were able to get that done for free!! Also, the nose ring in that x-ray is pretty awesome...

Rachelle Hamilton said...

Yes, it is an amazing organization that I used in Kansas. It turns out it actually would've been more expensive than what I was thinking, which is even more cool. Haha and when I saw my xray and the nose ring I had to take a picture of it! Too funny!