Saturday, November 16, 2013

Thankful: Colder Weather

Today, I am thankful for colder weather and the holiday season. Warm cozy blankets, spiced drinks, pumpkin flavors, peppermint, cinnamon, and layers of clothing. Aww, there is nothing like it. Granted the temperature change isn't as extreme as my seasonal changes used to be, but the air is still crisp and I  want to wrap up none the less. In order to transition to a more festive mood, my roommate and I bought Fresh Balsam and Toasted Marshmallow scents for our house. When I walk through the door there is this fantastic evergreen aroma with a twinge vanilla-y sweet scent.

We haven't gotten too carried away like decorating for Christmas or anything, but just enough to feel the change of seasons. n__n

I've really been on an Earl Grey kick lately. Mmm too good.

PS I am ultra stoked because I just ordered 26 prints of my photography and custom sized mat boards, so that I may display a body of work I have been working on for sometime now. The photos are from my travels in Haiti and I will be displaying them and selling my work at a Haiti Expo that my friend is hosting. My prints should arrive on Wednesday... I love receiving mail as it is...I am not sure I can wait. More on this later.

PSS Today I will join ISF (International Student Friendship) to Old Town Pasadena where we will explore, window shop, eat and ice skate. This is one of my favorite events we do with ISF and I can't wait to introduce International students and visiting scholars to some of our traditions.


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